Delly Gets His Ring

Matthew Dellavedova was presented with his championship ring on Wednesday night in Cleveland.

In the second matchup in two nights, the Cleveland Cavaliers honored former point guard Matthew Dellavedova with his ring from last season’s NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers displayed a tribute while General Manager David Griffin presented Dellavedova with his first championship ring.

Before Wednesday’s game, Dellevedova shared a few words with on what the moment would be like.

via ESPN

“It’s my Christmas present, so I’m really looking forward to it,”he said. “My family is going to be in town and it is going to be fun.”

Like the Los Angeles Lakers’ Timofey Mozgov, the Cavaliers mobbed one of the newest additions Milwaukee Bucks as well. Kyrie Irving embraced his old teammate after everyone else cleared out as the two shared a moment as former practice competitors. Even J.R. Smith participated in the celebration despite having a broken right thumb.

As a result of his scrappy play on defense, Dellevedova signed a four-year, $38 million contract with the Bucks in the offseason.

The Cavaliers defeated the Bucks 113-102 for the second victory in a home-and-home series between the clubs.


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