Sleeved jerseys coming to an end?

Nike, reportedly has no plans to produce uniforms with sleeves beginning in the 2017-18 season.

Four years ago, Adidas introduced jerseys with sleeves to the NBA. Some loved the idea. Most hated the uniforms. Whatever the case, it seems as if they’re on their way out.

Nike, who will become the league’s official uniform provider next season doesn’t plan on continuing the run.

From Sarah Germano of The Wallstreet Journal

“Nike, meanwhile, is expected to present its initial NBA jersey designs to retailers beginning this week. The company said it doesn’t plan to produce sleeved jerseys, a style debuted by Adidas in 2013 that received mixed reviews from players and fans.”

LeBron James might have mixed feelings about this news. The Cleveland Cavaliers wore their black sleeved uniforms during their last two road games against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals last season while ending a 52-year championship drought for the city.

He has also been on the record stating that the uniform affected his shooting and even ripped the sleeves during a game in 2015 against the New York Knicks.

Adidas’ purpose for the jersey alteration was to cater to fans who weren’t fond of the sleeveless jerseys for everyday use. When the Warriors debuted the first jersey with sleeves in 2013, then-rookie Harrison Barnes was very excited about the uniform.

via Bleacher Report

“I think it will be a trend setter,” Barnes said. “I think it’s something it will take people a little bit of time to get used to, but once they do it’ll be good. As long as I’m able to shoot and move, that’s all that matters.

According to Uni Watch, 19 of the 30 teams in the NBA have implemented a jersey with sleeves as an option.

In addition to removing sleeves, Nike will not produce the lower-priced “replica” or “swingman” jerseys but will make the “higher” priced jerseys similar to the authentic uniforms worn on court by the players.

What are your opinions on the sleeved jerseys? Drop a comment and let me know!



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