Did the new Detroit Pistons logo leak?

The Detroit Pistons could be bringing a bit of old school flavor to their new arena next season.

The Detroit Pistons could be introducing a new logo before the beginning of next season. According to the Detroit Free Press, the logo went live on the NBA Store’s website where it appeared on the website branded as the primary logo, but it was taken down shortly thereafter.

The proposed logo is currently the franchise’s secondary logo, as it has been for the past few seasons. The word “primary” is what has fans believing a change could be in the works.

If you’re a Pistons fan, you might immediately recognize that the logo. It closely resembles the one used during 1979-1996, most notably during the “Bad Boys” era.

Pistons.com editor Keith Langlois gave an evasive response when asked if the team is changing their colors or logos.

via Detroit Free Press

“The answer to that is in a steel vault in an underground bunker at an undisclosed location somewhere in southwestern Michigan – or maybe in the Thumb,” wrote Langlois. “All I’m authorized to say is you’re probably going to want to stay tuned with some hints potentially coming before the month is up.”

If the Pistons are updating their logo, one could only wonder if new uniforms will become part of the change.

Their last logo overhaul was in 2005, therefore the team is a bit overdue for a makeover.

The team relocates to Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit next season, joining their NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings. It wouldn’t be a surprise if ownership wants to start fresh with a little re-branding.

On Tuesday, the Pistons aim to get lucky in the NBA Draft Lottery in order to continue their rebuilding process.

It seems like it was just yesterday the team was in control of the Eastern Conference.

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