Unconditional love – defined as affection without any limitations or conditions

Clara Yvonne Curtis,

It was May 5, 1991. The day your life changed. A day we celebrated recently because it was the day we realized we would forever be connected.

Today, however, we are celebrating the amazing mother you’ve been over the past 26 years.

No matter how old I get, you’ve always been there for me.

No matter how much trouble I got in, you’ve always been there to catch me.

No matter the case, your love was always unconditional.


Clara and Michael Curtis

You’ve been there through the A’s and C’s, the graduations, rejections, hospital visits and celebrations. Everything we’ve been through, we went through together.

You’ve supported me in every aspect of my life. Whether I wanted to pursue art, engineering or journalism, you planted a seed early that I can do whatever I wanted in this world.

I appreciate every sacrifice you made on my behalf.

You’ve always been a determined, fierce, loving, and last but definitely not least, strong woman; and you’re the queen of my life.

You deserve the world and everything in it, and I can’t wait until I can give it.

It shouldn’t take Mother’s Day to express my gratitude, but since it is, I love you momma…

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